I’m just another middle aged man, obsessed with push bikes. But how did I end up like this? Let me tell you…

We all rode bikes when were kids right? And we probably all loved riding our bikes when were kids.

But then we got older and some of us stopped. Probably, lot’s of us stopped.

We “grew up”. We got cars. We bought houses. We moved out of town. Bicycles didn’t make much sense anymore. They didn’t fit our status. Or our idea of our status at least.

And they didn’t seem practical anymore. Not when you’ve got a long commute. Not when you have a family.

Me, I thought of bicycles as a kids thing. Something you naturally leave behind when you become an adult. So it just happened naturally. I stopped riding bikes.

But then I got fat. Like really fat. And unhealthy. And I mean really unhealthy. I realized I had to make a significant change to my lifestyle.

So one day when I was out in the car I saw a Lycra covered man on a racing bike. He actually passed me as I sat in a traffic jam! And I started thinking about how I used to love riding my bike when I was kid. Of course his fancy pants, carbon fiber racing machine was light years away from the last bike I’d rode. But all the same it stirred up some happy memories. Some healthy memories!

Four weeks later I’d bought my own bike. I wasn’t a racer. It was a cheap hybrid from the local second-hand store. And I just started to ride around the neighborhood. But something had clicked. I remembered why I loved it as a kid. The freedom. The distances I could travel with very little effort. (Well, some effort to start with, remember I was pretty fat). The connection with the world around me.

So I kept at it. I got thinner. And healthier. And I got more and more interested in bikes. I bought a racing bike. And then a mountain bike. I started reading magazines and following the Tour de France. I basically became a bit of bike nut.

But not everyone around me is as interested in cycling as me. So I’ve set up this blog as an outlet to discuss the things I’m interested in without boring my family!

I hope you enjoy it!